Ovarian Cyst Signs Symptoms

Ovarian Cyst Signs, Symptoms and Their Prevention

Ovarian cysts signs symptoms; some are quite easy to find whereas some others are not quite as easy to detect. If at any time you think that you may have ovarian cysts signs symptoms you need to go and see your doctor, only a doctor will be able to tell if you have cysts. Ovarian cysts occasionally are small and benign and will start to disappear within 4 to 8 weeks. In some cases however, the cysts will continually grow larger and the symptoms will be experienced for a longer period of time.

Here are some of the noticeable ovarian cysts signs symptoms:

•    Pressure and pain in the lower abdomen.
•    An aching of the lower back and upper legs.
•    Tenderness in the breasts.
•    Painful intercourse.
•    Pressure and pain on the bladder and rectum.
•    Problems urinating.
•    Unexplained gaining weight.
•    Irregularity of the menstrual cycles or abnormal uterine bleeding or spotting.
•    Nausea, vomiting and an upset stomach.
•    Infertility.
•    Fatigue.
•    Headache.
•    Muscular pain in the ribs.
•    Development of nodules that feel like bruises, under the layer of skin.

There can be several ovarian cysts signs symptoms and PCOS but these ones are the most commonly found today. If you have any of these symptoms and you doctor diagnosis you with ovarian cysts; please don’t panic. Your doctor will probably outline for you exactly what the treatment options are.

A problem currently exists with traditional medicine in that the doctors will only deal with the current cysts and cannot do anything for a possible re-occurrence of the problem. Currently the doctors do not have any preventative treatment options.

The drugs and treatment options made available to you from traditional medicine are part of the problem as well. The only treatments offered are risky and painful surgery or taking hormonal birth control drugs or both and they will only treat the current problem. None of these treatments can help to prevent the cysts from coming back a few months later, they will just keep re-occurring until you figure out a way to prevent them.

I have found that the best way to relieve the ovarian cysts signs symptoms and keep them from coming back is done using natural preventative methods. There are a lot of very simple things out there that you can do, in the privacy of your own home, to prevent the symptoms of ovarian cysts. You should increase your water and fiber intake significantly, drink some special herbal teas, and follow a special diet. There are also certain easy exercises that you can do at home as well. All of these will help relieve your pain and discomfort and will also help to prevent your ovarian cysts signs symptoms from returning.

I certainly am not a doctor nor do I suggest that you don’t go and see your doctor if you suspect that you have any ovarian cysts signs symptoms. What I am suggesting is that a small change in your diet and lifestyle can work wonders for your body and help you to relieve the pain and help keep the ovarian cysts signs symptoms from returning.

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